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From 1th till 7th of September 2018

St.Petersburg on Moskovskaya square

Program of the International tea and coffee festival 2018

St. Petersburg International Tea and Coffee Festival is the annual city holiday, which is considered to be one of the most expected and outstanding events in the cultural life not only of St. Petersburg and Russia, but also of world community.

Among the most important Festival's goals and objectives are: healthy way of living promotion; national traditions of tea drinking revival and development and consumers` supply with high quality tea and coffee products.

Tea and coffee undoubtedly are the most popular drinks in the word. Only these 2 drinks can give their admirers both pleasant minutes of taste and flavour delight, energy boost and good mood for the whole day. Tea ceremonies and coffee-making traditions have been famous since ancient times. Cultures of different countries and continents poetize tea-drinking and coffee making traditions aspiring to develop and multiplying achievements in these fields.

The image of English gentleman can't be accomplished without a cup of fresh-brewed tea and traditional "Five o'clock"; Russian Samovar has become both the criteria of good tea-time and unstated symbol of Russian mentality; Turkish traditions of coffee making has become legendary; Eastern Wise Men have spent hours reflecting and keeping in their hands flavoured tea in a tea bowl; reading teacups are quite popular even nowadays. So it is no wonder, that each of these drinks has its own esteemers and admirers all over the world, who gently keep tea-drinking and coffee making traditions.

Showmasters of the International Tea and Coffee Festival are also big fans and true admirers of tea and coffee. They will meet each other in the middle of the Festival - on the main stage and will be ready to fight for getting "palm of victory" for their favorite drinks. Together with all guests and participants showmasters will go to a thrilling "voyage" to different countries and continents where they`ll get acquainted with tea-drinking and coffee making traditions. In the final point of the journey all the guests will get vast experience and knowledge of the history of 2 greatest beverages that can give unforgettable minutes of taste and flavour delight.

Variable cultural program of the Festival will acquaint its guests with tea and coffee World civilizations, will get aware of culture and art of the countries that have been growing tea and coffee for hundreds and thousands years.

On the Festival main stage the folk-art actors of St.Petersburg will present their music shows. Guests and participants of the Festival will be also offered to take part in ancient and modern tea and coffee ceremonies lead by ethnic music and stories of different nations` traditions.

The children playground "Tea and Coffee Kingdom" will take the major part of the Festival`s space. In the special Magic crafts zone fairy masters will help little guests to handicraft different fairy items on tea and coffee subject. Tea Mistress and Coffee Prince will organize the fairy contests and plays with presents, provided by sponsors of the Festival. Special entertainments will be also held for children from orphan homes and boarding schools. Young guests will be offered to take part in different games with a lot of gifts and presents.

In the frames of the Festival will be traditionally held The Tea and Coffee contest.

Since 2011 the inherent part of the Festival`s cultural program has also become the International art contest "MirArt". Over 6 years "MirArt" has become the starting point for numerous talented musicians and vocal groups, performing in different ways and genres: circus arts, Jazz jam, buffoonery, fancy dancing, folk and modern dancing, choreography, operatic art, stand-up comedian art, pop singing, folk, ethnic and instrumental music and other. Jury of the Contest consists of the best singers, dances, actors, composers and the representatives of the creative community and clerisy of St. Petersburg. The main particularity of the Contest is the attempt to draw a parallel between tea-drinking and coffee making traditions and the arts forms.

For this occasion 3 nominations were stated - "Tea tree", "Kipyatok" and "Zavarka". Each of these nominations joins the performances of singers, vocal and dancing groups and ensembles associated with tea and coffee subject.

In 2018 the main topic of the contest "МirArt" will be a scenic art. The jury's attention will be focused not only on the repertory, vocality, dancing and instrumental performance but also on imagery, artistry and entire presentation.

In accordance with the last year experience and vast Festival's biography, one can be assured that Festival will afford great pleasure to everyone who will come to Moskovskaya square in the end of Summer to meet the best dancers and singers and to have a delight of tasting a great variety of favorite drinks.

We are inviting everyone to take part in the incredible show!!!



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