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From 1th till 3th of September 2018

St.Petersburg on Moskovskaya square


Organizers: The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Government of St.Petersburg under the support of Administration of Moscow district and SUE "Vodokanal of St.Petersburg".

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia
On the behalf of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture I would like to welcome participants and guests of VII international tea and coffee festival.

Nowadays Russia takes the leading places in tea and coffee consumption and the number of consumers grows day by day. Many Russians consider tea as a national Russian drink and at the same time the tea production grows rapidly. At the moment 37 countries all over the world produce tea and over 1000 international companies are presented on the tea market.

In the nearest years we are expecting grows of Russian tea production thus the increase of final product quality.

As for the Russian coffee market, latest surveys prove that Russia takes the significant role in coffee consumption among main leading world coffee consumer: according to the producer’s information, Russian people drink around 60 thousand tones of coffee per year.

Under these circumstances the Festival, which became traditional, attracts attention both of specialists and numerous fans of those beverages. This year the Festival provides companies-participants with wide range of opportunities to present their best selections, share experience, build and maintain relations between business partners in Russia and abroad.

Particularly noteworthy is social and cultural idea of the Festival. One of the main target is to make propaganda of healthy lifestyle between, of course, the youth.

I have no doubt that the Festival of such scale and an importance will contribute to the tea and coffee production, maintain international and local relation between producers, suppliers and consumers of tea and coffee.

I wish all the best to the participants of the Festival, fruitful and successful work and a good time!

Deputy President of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Andrey V. Volkov



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