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From 1th till 3th of September 2018

St.Petersburg on Moskovskaya square

International Tea Contest & International Coffee Contest 2018

In the frames of the X International Festival of Tea and Coffee will be traditionally held International Tea and Coffee contest. The organizing committee of the events is the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and JSC "International Festival of Tea and Coffee".

Among the main goals of the Contest - the unbiased estimation and selection of the best samples of tea and coffee trademarks, defining the best producers, contributing to the quality improvement of tea and coffee supply in Russia, demonstrating the last achievements in tea and coffee industries and promotion the new coffee and tea trademarks through general public.

To participate in the Contest are welcomed the companies dealing in tea and coffee producing and trading and also companies having certain legal rights to conduct its business and operations in this industry.

Expert assessment of the products, that are to participate in the Contest, is accomplished by the members of the authorized taste panel in the tasting room, laboratory in strict accordance with the international rules of holding of such events.

Expert assessment of the products is accomplished by coding each product with providing tasting samples without identity marks of the producers. Testing is anonymous: producers are not named to the taste panel until the final of testing. The taste panel score is fixed in special minutes, subscribed by all members of the taste panel

Obtained average result, the taste panel score identifies each company that`ll obtain the diploma and the medal of quality.

Taste panel gives the following awards according to the Contest results - gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas of quality for the best flavour, taste, the harmony of taste and flavour, pack design.

The X International Festival of Tea and Coffee organizing committee gives right to the producers obtained Big Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Contest, to place the logo of the award with fixed year of its delivery on each pack of its products.

Registration of product samples is conducted from 19 till 26 August 2018 daily, from 10.00 a.m till 5.00 p.m.

Exhibition company "Asti Group", of. 302
6, ul.Barklaya, 5
Tel: +7 (495) 797 6914

121087, Moscow, Russia
To begin with 30 August 2018 the registration of product samples is conducted from 10.00 a.m till 5.00 p.m.
The X International Festival of tea and coffee organizing committee
Moskovskaya sq,1
St.Petersburg, Russia



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